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Unknown - 03/08/2003 (Sun) 04:44:44  < REPLY >

The Board will re-open if circumstances permit.

 Bloody Village Quote
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Unknown - 28/07/2003 (Mon) 21:20:05  < REPLY >
Live in XX prefecture. Got lost in the middle of the mountains, while enjoying a drive the other day.
Drove for about an hour on the dirt Mt.road.
Found a ghost town and bloodstained clothes everywhere.Yes, I was freaked out and tried to go
back to where I was... At that moment, I saw an old woman in the deserted house. She was on her hands
and knees, looking for something...
Really got scared after that, and ran away from there. Left my camera in that ghost town...
I've drawn a map to the creepy ghost town. If you have any information about this ghost town, post it here.
Gosh, what was it all about...?

 "33 Murdered, XX Village?" Quote

Unknown - 29/07/2003 (Tue) 23:50:13  < REPLY >

Before the war...or during the war. There was XX village in XX county. An outraged young man killed all 33 villagers in one night.
This case is called "33 Murdered, XX Village". It was very shocking news in Japan. I heard that village became a ghost town.
Wondering if "Bloody Village" is "XX Village"...

 Re: Bloody Village Quote

Unknown - 29/07/2003 (Tue) 03:30:27  < REPLY >

XX Village disappeared by landslide in the 70's.
It no longer exists on the map, might have merged into the neighbouring village (Hanuda Village)…
There are rumours around there. One guy saw a bloody villager's ghost, people pass out when they go through that area.
This map looks like XX village for sure.

 Re: Bloody Village Quote

SDK - 30/07/2003 (Thu) 22:33:33  < REPLY >

Did you end up in the ghost town?"33 Murdered, XX Village" sounds awesome! I'm on summer vacation and have some time.
So I'll take a train as close as possible, then drive my lovely car(compact mountain bike) : )
I will enjoy biking and checking this village out. I'll follow this map!

 Re: Bloody Village Quote

Unknown - 01/08/2003 (Fri) 02:13:57  < REPLY >

Good to be a Student... I wish I could have some free time… Let us know about this village, ok?

 Earthquake!!! Quote

Unknown - 03/08/2003 (Sun) 01:33:24  < REPLY >

Hey. Check this out! Earthquake hits XX county, XX prefecture!!!
A number of people are missing in the landslide caused by the earthquake.
Are you still alive, SDK?

 Re: Bloody Village Quote

Unknown - 03/08/2003 (Sun) 01:53:40  < REPLY >

Wanna know the details!!! News flash said there won't be any survivors from this landslide.

 Re: Bloody Village Quote

Unknown - 03/08/2003 (Sun) 02:01:16  < REPLY >

You guys totally creep me out! Did SDK really visit that village?

 Re: Bloody Village Quote

Unknown - 03/08/2003 (Sun) 02:31:45  < REPLY >

This Village is haunted! There were a number of missing people from a landslide 27 years ago, too…

 Re: Bloody Village Quote

Unknown - 03/08/2003 (Sun) 03:21:30  < REPLY >

The Self-Defence Force has been called. Local elementary school is buried completely!

 Re: Bloody Village Quote

Unknown - 03/08/2003 (Sun) 04:00:54  < REPLY >

I pray for SDK.

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